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Complete E-Survey Solutions
Survey Package
Feedback Friend provides a comprehensive web based survey package which is unobtrusive, honest, professionally presented and tailored to suit your organisation.

Our business model offers a complete survey solution for your organisation including:
Understanding your needs and opportunities
Designing, constructing and presenting your internet based questionnaire
Notifying your survey participants through automated e-mail program (if applicable)
Gathering and organising responses and issuing follow ups to non-respondents where required
Presenting survey results (On-line, Real-time if applicable)
Maintaining history to enable your organisation to benchmark previous surveys
Administering participant incentive schemes (if applicable)
Quality feedback is one of the most important assets an organisation can have when looking to make decisions relating to their:
  Information Gathering Systems
Info Gathering
We also specialise in automating companies' paper or e-mail based statistical reports.

We can replace existing laborious fax/e-mail reporting with an efficient web based data entry system.

Once the data is collected, customized reports can be created with advanced filtering options.

Our Information Gathering Systems provide:
  e-mail and web based data collection and collation.
customised reporting.
advanced sorting capabilities.